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Fingers and toes, another necessity for normal functioning

This time, the emphasis is on words that mean fingers and toes and the beginning unit is dactylo-, dactyl- plus other word families that deal with fingers and/or toes as indicated by the links shown at the bottom of each page in the unit.

Fingers are what you can count on when everything else is lost.

-Evan Esar

Fingernails are what some people file while others cut them off and throw them away.

-Evan Esar

Our fingertips are so sensitive that a single touch sensor can respond to a pressure of less than 1/1,400 of an ounce or about 20 milligrams, which is about what an average-sized fly weighs.

-Neil McAleer in The Body Almanac

Structurally, we hands are the most intricate components of a human body. In no other part of the body is so much machinery packed into so small a space.

As a hand, I have eight wrist bones, five bones in my palm, fourteen in my digits for a total of twenty-seven.

My supply of nerves to detect heat, touch, and pain is one of the most elaborate in the body. I have thousands of nerve endings per square inch, most heavily concentrated in my fingertips.

-J.D. Ratcliff in Your Body and How It Works
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