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Iktho-Story Translation

Iktho-Story Translation

My Encounter with Iktho

This is the author's version of the translation of "My Encounter with Iktho." You will note that the interpretations of the right answers are in (parentheses).

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Translation of "My Encounter with Iktho"

Uni (One) Heliodies [two parts, one word] (Sunday) as Ego (I) was ambulating (walking) on the arena (beach or sand) by the aqua (water), Ego (I) spectated (saw) a xeno (strange-looking) piscis (fish) jumping into and exo (out) of the hydro (water). He was very macro (big or large) and chromful (colorful). Post (After) observing this piscis (fish) from tele (far) away for some chrone, (time) Ego (I) decided to take a closer spectro (look) at this barbarous (strange) fauna (animal). He kept volving (twisting or turning) and gyrating (turning or twisting) as if he were trying to choreo (dance).

When this ichthyofauna (fish-animal) saw me, he tachly (quickly) ex-ambulated [reverse the order for the English translation] (walked out) of the aqua (water) and started a dialogue with me. He told me that his nomenclature [nomen] (name) was Iktho. Ego (I) tried to port (carry) on a discussion with him, but Iktho was just too loquacious (talkative). He asked me to show him the ortho (right or correct) way to choreo (dance). Ego (I) told him Ego (I) didn't cognito (know) how to teach an [a] ichthyomorph (fish form or fish shape) the art of choreoing, (dancing) especially a tripoded, (three-footed) duocraned (two-headed) mono (one). Iktho got very angry and versed (turned) circum (around) and retrogressed [two words, reverse their order] (walked back) into the halo aqua (salt water) where he symbiosed [two words, reverse their order] (lived together) with other macrofauna [plural] (large animals) of his biosphere (life zone or life area).

Post (After) that, Iktho stayed hypo (under) the hydro (water) during the diem (day) and came exo (out) of the aqua (water) only at nox (night) so no anthropo (human or human being) could catch vista (sight) of his ichthyoid (fish-form or fish-like) appearance doing his version of the tacho (fast or quick) step with [a] oligo-brady (few-slow) steps for variety.

It was a xeno vision (strange sight) for andros (men), gynos (women), and peds (Gk.) (children) from their cryptic alto-locus (secret high-place) on the hill super scoping (over looking) the scene sub (below) them. Iktho's scintillating lunar (shining-moon) exploits with his pseudopods (false feet) were the main topics of pan (all) the major (big or ÒimportantÓ) discussions in the acropolis (high city).Well, this is the finis (end) of our micro (little) story, but we wish Iktho only bene (good) and that no mono (one) has any maledictions (bad statements or bad talk) about our micro (little) friend with the macro cardia (big heart). Long viva (live) Iktho, a veritable (true) hydro-terrestrial (water-land) ichthyofauna (fish animal); a unique (one-of-a-kind) piscis (fish) among multi (many) pisces (fish).

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