Translations Please, #2

(The actual translations)

Sentence four: On initial arrival, relevant information was laid before us indicative of the conversion now being of limited duration equipmentwise. When we arrived we found it wouldn't take long to convert the equipment.

Sentence five: A set of arrangements for producing and rearing children the viability of which is not predicated on the consistent presence in the household of an adult male acting in the role of husband and father. Dad isn't home much.

Sentence six: Experiments are described which demonstrate that in normal individuals the lowest concentration in which sucrose can be detected by means of gustation differs from the lowest concentration in which sucrose (in the amount employed) has to be ingested in order to produce a demonstrable decrease in olfactory acuity and a noteworthy conversion of sensations interpreted as a desire for food into sensations interpreted as a satiety associated with ingestion of food. Experiments show that a normal person can taste sugar in water in quantities not strong enough to interfere with his sense of smell kor take away his appetite.